Landscaping, that is, the ability to shape the landscape that surrounds us, is a very important part of the Blues Simon Group hallmark, whose constructive philosophy organically integrates its buildings with the natural environment. The Mediterranean climate in which we find ourselves also gives us a wide range of possibilities to do so, even in winter.

One of the main characteristics of Mediterranean gardens is their ability to withstand dry seasons, as well as extreme climatic conditions, which makes their maintenance extremely easy. The climate we have here, gives us the privilege to enjoy a bright, aromatic, fresh and sustainable exterior of our homes.

However, we cannot fall into anarchic planting, without planning, as an amalgam of plant species without a common thread will ruin the harmony of colors, masses and textures that we try to find for our garden.


Wide range of possibilities

The coloring is the norm in Mediterranean landscaping, capable of masterfully combining hibiscus with jasmine, lilies with bougainvillea, dondiegos with genistas, honeysuckle, lantana … even mountain carnations with flowery walls of white sands – also known as “dead fly wing”-, some of them that without being native to the area have adapted perfectly to our climate.

A color that can be mixed with other harder-looking plants, thus looking for a contrast with the delicacy of flowering plants, such as the infinite species of cacti, “echeverías”, the variety of succulent plants, with the evergreen at the top or aloe-vera, so widespread in our region.

To the cool air of the shade

Furthermore, the need to create natural shade spaces cannot be neglected. For this, the Mediterranean coast has species such as fig trees, wild and stone pines, cork oaks, laurels or holm oaks, which can give us wonderful shady afternoons to enjoy a chill-out after-dinner. There are those who prefer more of a tropical touch and opt for one of the palm tree species that very well addapted in our region.

If, in addition, we want to contribute something more colorful, with that explosion of warm colors, even in autumn or winter, we can bet on fruit trees, such as orange tree, lemon tree, mandarin tree, strawberry tree, olive or pomegranate, among others.

An aromatic and nourishing touch

We cannot forget the perimeter of our plot, for which we can take advantage of which is by far one of the great protagonists of Mediterranean landscaping. We are talking about the Cypress, a conifer with its lush green essence (and perennial) that will give us the privacy we want for our garden.

In addition, and looking at the low species to delimit flower beds, we can combine the bushes with aromatic plants that provide freshness and that pleasant fragrance that mixes with jasmine and orange blossom: we refer to thyme, lavender, rosemary or rockrose.

If in addition to cultivating plant species we want to cultivate hobbies, perhaps we can allocate a part of our plot to a garden, in which to unleash our more rustic side, an activity in which many people find another escape valve. Winter is the season for beans, oriental like pak choi or tak choi crowns, red cabbage for Christmas Eve dinner, carrots or Brussels sprouts.The garden and the landscaping that we carry out are another part of our homes. From our know-how, we will not only optimize the environment but the architecture itself, improving your enjoyment without falling into altering the idiosyncrasy of the place.