If a few weeks ago we shared some small tips to enjoy a good wellness area in our home, today we look outside the house, since we enjoy a Mediterranean climate that gives us the opportunity to take advantage of our garden practically all year round.

Although it is true that at Blues Simon Group we are in favor of keeping an aesthetic coherence between the interior and exterior spaces, we do not make the mistake of wasting the beautiful environment in which we usually build our homes. Thus, combining the sophistication and elegance characteristic of our buildings, does not come into conflict with having a cozy outdoor space.

Different environments

Especially in cases where the dimensions of the garden allow it, the creation of different spaces is one of the best bets we can make. Giving different uses to each corner of the garden will make more dynamic the life that we do in it, playing with the different light that we have along moments of the day.

In this way, it is highly recommended to have an area set up for culinary pleasures, where you can enjoy the warm morning sun during breakfast and a good shade area for the lunchtime, perhaps even with a beautiful built BBQ space, that will delight our guests.

Playing with comfortable garden furniture, integrated with the environment, – but avoiding the overloading of the garden -, and with pergolas that protect us from the heat when necessary, will give us unforgettable encounters that we can culminate with a bathing area where to cool off. Furthermore, it is also possible to discreetly install misting systems on the pergola, capable of reducing the temperature by up to 10ºC on the hottest days.

Espacios exteriores

The enjoyment of the sunset

At the same time and with the sun setting, who doesn’t like to enjoy a good chill-out environment? These spaces are perfect to unleash the wide range of chairs, armchairs, sun loungers, hammocks and Balinese beds that can be find on the market. The variety of colors and materials is so great that we will always find the ones that best fit our home, making the exterior of the house an extension of the interior.

Despite decorating the exterior, there is no reason to fear textiles, like acrylics that resist the effects of the sun very well, even rain, with anti UV treatments and repellants against moths and fungi. For this reason, a good pile of large cushions scattered on the floor will give a casual touch to the chill-out space – using cushion puffs, where you can completely relax.

Likewise, in addition to enjoying the Mediterranean landscaping with which we may have planted our plot, the role of natural elements are also a source of relaxation and peacefulness, being able to combine bamboo objects with hanging plants.

At nightfall

Late at night, the light will play a leading role in our chill-out area. To the solar lights that can mark the paths, we can add different LED luminaires that highlight specific areas, amplifying their beauty without interfering with the views of the bay, in case you have them.

In the chill-out area itself, dim lights that can come from garlands rolled up on the pergola, lanterns of the most diverse designs or even from solar screens hanging from a tree, can be combined with those from our colored candle holders; They will all contribute to create an unique atmosphere where to spend unforgettable evenings in an incomparable natural setting.

With very little effort, some imagination and without the need for significant investments, we can make our garden one of the favorite corners of the house, contributing to that goal of a healthy home, to which we all should aspire.