porch and terrace

Summer is synonymous with life outdoors, with the garden, terraces and porches that give us the chance to reconnect with nature, cooling down by going into and coming out of the pool, enjoying good conversation and ice-cold drinks. With this organic approach to porches or terraces, turning to traditional craftsmanship, whether in clay, iron or stone, can be a very good idea, providing that elegant detail that makes a difference.

It is obvious that whatever furniture we choose will be determining factors, not only for our comfort, but also to create that relaxed ambience we are looking for. In this respect, we have to be practical and know how to combine design with durability, since even though this furniture is under a roof, it will have to be weatherproof, both in cold and in hot months. Teak, rattan and bamboo are examples of suitable materials. Resistance is not the only thing to consider in terms of furniture; cushions are also important and cases should preferably be light colours that do not fade with water and resist the sun well without ending up discoloured in a short time.

Parallelly, accessories will be the icing on the cake; ceiling fans can be installed that help us combat heat waves, along with wicker lamps that provide warm light when night falls. Depending on the space we have, an increasingly popular trend are swings, whether one or several pieces, on which you can enjoy a cocktail while gently rocking back and forth.

Facilitating access

As important as the porch or the terrace itself is the access route to it. Ideally, having direct or very nearby access to the kitchen is essential, both for meals and for evenings, since shortening the transport route for the food is something we will never regret… both when it comes to bringing it to the table, which is done more cheerfully, and when it comes to clearing up.

In due time, they dominate the integrated spaces, which are practically separated with a wide sliding door, removing any step that makes accessibility difficult. Indeed, the porch is enjoyed outside, but also inside, sharing moments while the serving plates are arranged.

The natural touch

Plants play a fundamental role, providing us with freshness and fragrances that invite even more relaxation while giving us unparalleled colour. Knowing how to choose plants is important. Jasmine, bougainvillea, lantana and lady of the night are all safe bets where the sun has more reach, since they are plants that claim its rays.

Other kinds of plants, like fig trees, bindweed or dipladenia, play more with the sun and shade. A safe bet will always be covering some of the walls with climbing plants, which will help us bring the temperature down with their freshness. Likewise, for those who are less skilled with plants, not only are cacti a good option, but there are others such as the marigold that, as well as being colourful and very easy to maintain, will help us repel insects from other plants.

Along the same lines and in cases where we do not have a porch with a roof, a vine is a safe bet because, as well as growing very quickly, it is very easy to grow and will give us some lovely bunches of grapes, leaving the option open to wisteria-covered pergolas.

Ultimately, it is about little details that we surely undertake with our sights set on summer and which, before we realise, we see have managed to extend the useful life of the porch to other seasons of the year.