We are ending a 2020 that, being honest, has not been easy. The situation that has generated the COVID-19 pandemic has led us all towards unforeseen scenarios that, in many cases, have had unwanted ends. However, at Blues Simon Group we wanted to carry out an exercise: re-read the Christmas message that we sent you last year and, in doing so, we have realized once again how lucky we are, because this year it has come to confirm that everything by that we were thanking for at the end of 2019, is more real than ever.

Our post just a year ago was actually a message of thanking to the entire Blues Simon Group family: we thanked our Clients, because you are our reason for being; to our suppliers and partners, because you are one of our pillars and, of course, to each and every one of our employees who, believing in our business project, have made us one of the leading companies in the sector.

Suddenly, February came and very especially March, when everything changed. Everything? Well, almost everything. Supply chains were affected, borders were closed, we had to confine ourselves and some more and others least had seen up close how dangerous this disease could be. All the forecasts, all the financial and strategic planningthat are carried out for the new year were lurching and it was necessary to readapt it and, in addition, do it at the speed of light.


What has not changed?

It is surprising that the answer to this question is so simple, but we can summarize it in one word: “You”. Everything for which we were grateful in 2019 has made that, even in a year as complex as the one in which we have lived, it has carried us in flying colors.

During this year we have been able to verify once again how empathy, the close relationship that we have been forging together for so long, is “bulletproof” … and “pandemic proof”. Communication with Clients has been more fluid than ever, putting ourselves in their place, attending to their needs and, going hand in hand, facing the new scenario in the construction of their ideal home.

Our partners and suppliers have made an effort to overcome all the obstacles, avoiding sticks in the wheels that the circulation restrictions imposed by the advance of the coronavirus had put in the supply chains, consequently affecting the raw materials necessary for construction. 

And our employees have made an extra effort, adjusting their day to day to what the health authorities dictated to us, with the advantage that measures such as teleworking were already a reality at Blues Simon Group for years. With all this, the entire squad has exceeded our expectations, leaning their shoulders in the most difficult moments.

An encouraging 2021

In this drawing that 2020 leaves us there is also a little space left for us, for the management of Blues Simon Group, who are proud to see how “the family” has responded and It leads us to think that we have contributed our grain of sand, that we have been part of it, knowing ourselves being better by the mere fact of building together with All of You this great Company.

For all these reasons, we look to 2021 with great enthusiasm, with great hope that little by little and supporting each other, we will recover what we have had been having to leave on standby. All this, without losing sight of the fact that the most important thing, has not been able to snatch it from us not even a pandemic, confirming that our commitment to people above the  business itself, always it was the wiser/most appropriate thing.