The wellness area in houses has gained a real prominence in recent years. Being able to enjoy a relaxing bath in a heated swimming pool at any time of year and then finish relieving tensions in the Jacuzzi, has become a pleasure that Blues Simon Group has already incorporated into various projects.

Why restrict the pleasure of a good dip only to summer when we can do it at any time of the year? With this philosophy, we have developed various projects in which we offer our clients the possibility of enjoying their private SPA area all year round, reserving a corner of their house for this space, converted into their therapeutic refuge.

The benefits that we obtain in summer continue during autumn and winter, without giving up a feeling of comfort that makes the experience unique. Having this complete wellness area not only translates into a matter of relaxation or sports activity, but also relieves both bone-ache, joint and muscle pain, elimination of toxins for the benefit of our skin or prevention of headaches and migraines, among other benefits.

In addition, we are inclined towards saline chlorination, which brings undeniable benefits for the skin, hair and eyes, avoids the use of chemical agents such as isocyanuric acid -which avoids the evaporation of chlorine- and extends the useful life of the facilities  taking care at the same time of it environment.


The choice of the space

The design of a space like this is not a mere matter of roofing and heating, but it goes much further. Especially when it comes to a reform and not a new construction project, -where it is taken for granted that the design has been conceived to accommodate this space-, is mandatory to be very careful with certain details.

The choice of its installation is not something trivial, since it requires not inconsiderable dimensions and, in addition, very good ventilation. It should be borne in mind that both a heated pool and a Jacuzzi end up producing condensation that, if not treated properly, can lead to dampness and molds that end up ruining our wellness area.

Added to this are, of course, basic actions that any expert will not ignore, such as the correct floor leveling so that there is a certain slope/fall towards a drain, to avoid greater evils in the event of a leak; water-repellent wall coverings, that is, resistant to water; use of anti-fungal paints or sockets and light switches with high resistance to humidity.

Creation of atmospheres

Once considered all the technical needs / specifications, in our projects we take great care in creating the atmosphere desired by our Clients. In this way, we play with different color mixtures, as well as with the lighting of that space, combining natural light during the day with lighting with Led technology for the hours of less light.

In this line and in a clear commitment to mood-lighting, we not only take advantage of indirect lights but also offer the opportunity to customers to be the ones who adjust the intensity of the light with the installation of dimmers, adapting it at all times to their specific use. Then, theirs will be the choice to complement our contribution with candles or even aromatherapy and relaxing music.

Uneven or geometric shapes, curved or straight lines, swimming pool, jacuzzi or sauna, with or without a pedestal-table … all are open options for our Clients, whom we always advise so that the whole of their home has a design coherence and, as is standard in Blues Simon Group, exclusivity too.