On this time of the year, getting together, to the warmth of the fireplace with a good glass of wine, with the people we want is a unique plan. The fireplace thus becomes a meeting point for a quiet evening and, at the same time, takes center stage in our living room, which at other times of the year seems to be lost/in the shadow.

Especially at this time, if we are lucky enough to have a fireplace, whether it is open or closed, we must pay it due attention. Beyond the role played by fire as a decorating element in our living room, the fireplace itself demands its own ornamentation and many possibilities are offered to us.

Before thinking about its decoration, when installing a fireplace we have to take into account aspects such as the more straight our smoke outlet pipe is, the fewer problems we will have with the exit of smoke. Other aspects such as if the room is too small we will need to give the chimney an outside air intake to improve the combustion are other considerations that make the participation of a professional imperative.


Varied coatings

The wall that covers the fireplace, demands its prominence over the rest of the room. In this sense, we can choose stone cladding, which is undoubtedly one of the safest, both for the front and for the sides. In addition, combining it with a wooden crossbar on the upper part, gives to the whole a rustic and warm touch.

If on the contrary, we want to add more personality to the fireplace, the tiles are presented as a fantastic alternative. The wide range of options we have opens the door to the imagination, also preventing our choice from conflicting with the rest of the room.

If our style is more classic the plaster moldings will become one of our best allies. Even playing with this material, it is possible to give an innovative touch, even if it brings an increase in the budget: playing with these moldings, not only around the fireplace, but lifting them up to the ceiling with irregular textures, can give that classic touch, but in the same time modern, that we are looking for.

Firewood as decoration

On the other hand, when we incorporate a chimney to our house, we have to be very aware that, inevitably, we will need a way to store the firewood that we need. Thus, the way we do it, if we choose to do it in the living room, can also become a decorative element.

Placing the wooden logs on both sides of the fireplace or, on the contrary, only on one side, are the options that must be kept open, depending on the size of the room. Sometimes, the alternative of acquiring a firewood holder also takes strength, because the designs that reach the market are of the most varied, both in forms and materials. In this way, we will have more organized all the firewood (from dried pineapples to branches or logs).

On the other hand, it is possible that instead of having opted for a classic fireplace, we have leaned for one of pellet. If so, also in that case the storage of the pellets can play in our favor in terms of decoration, with transparent containers in which the small wooden cylinders can be seen as if they were corks from a bottle.

Finally, we cannot forget the same wood that is burning. Its placement is important, not only to ensure a good combustion and, with it, the heat that we need in the room, but also to make it attractive to the eye. Logs placed sloppily, in any way, will not help in any way to improve that family encounter.