We started a new year and, as on previous occasions, in Blues Simon Group we are very attentive to the new trends that will mark the future of architecture and interior design in 2020. Although some “continuistic” lines will be maintained, others will break with the established standards.

In addition to the obvious increase in sensitivity for the care of the environment (passive energy efficiency systems, renewable energy, etc.), the architecture will be marked by asymmetric shapes, with simple lines and a certain industrial loft air that, once decorated , will distil elegance and exclusivity on all four sides.

The integration of spaces and the combination of diaphanous rooms as versatile as possible, stand as another trend for this year within the most contract current. In this sense, sliding glass doors that act as dividers between rooms or, of course, in the bathroom, will be seen a lot in 2020.

Combining finishes

In general lines, a regression to the naturalness it is perceived, banishing the overcharge of ornaments and betting on the simplicity, which does not have any reason to be at odds with modernity.

It is played more with textures, mixing different finishes on walls, floors and ceiling. Of course, the common denominator is the large format for all types of coatings, especially when we talk about materials such as natural stone, marble and also baked clay, which enters our home (in kitchens and bathrooms) directly from the terraces and the gardens.

On the other hand, the bathrooms live one of their sweetest moments, since their role transcends mere personal hygiene and, in cases where the dimensions allow it, they become a relaxing paradise in which to relax after a hard working day. A design that conveys that serenity, along with functional elements such as a hydro-massage cabin, will contribute its grain of sand to this new conception.

Tendencias 2020


Furniture will be smaller and more adaptable and will introduce colors, although dark ones will be standard. The idea is to be able to go around the room with little effort, varying different combinations of the elements depending on their placement. Versatility is the key, both in use and location, regardless of the room for which they were designed.

Frosted and matt glass will also extend to other elements, such as bold lamps of various colors. Likewise, we cannot forget the leading role that the large lamps of geometric figures will play that, far from being unnoticed, will be decisive in the style of each room. Together with them and in that same role of relevance, are the flexible lamps capable, of adapting to a horizontal or vertical design.

Intense Blue 

As for the colors, Pantone has already determined what the color will be par excellence: Classic Blue (PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue). It has nothing to do with that Living Coral of 2019 or the Ultra Violet of 2018; It is an intense blue of which the Pantone-firm indicates that it is “timeless and durable, elegant in its simplicity”. In addition to this, we can also say that there is a space for the nostalgic and daring. The The Neon, chrome shade and even holographic elements are one of the trends for 2020 in a clear regression to the 80s.

For friends of neutral colors (gray, mustard or black), the good news is that they are a classic and, as such, will not go out of style, but Nordic minimalism will be somewhat lagging behind. In other words, darker shades will be imposed on white-filled spaces; but of course, wisely balanced to not end up generating saturation.