The decoration of a home is not a trivial matter. Depending on how we do it, we will create a different atmosphere, which can have very beneficial effects on our well-being. Decorating with art is possible, and, as we will see today, also with works of art that, in addition to giving character to our home, will provide it with distinction and exclusivity.

Before diving into the topic at hand today, it is important to clarify the difference between interior design and decoration. They tend to be confused given the extraordinary complementarity they have with each other, but while the design deals more with the spaces and their configuration, the decoration seeks to aesthetically transform an already defined space. If, as is the case with Blues Simon Group, design and decoration go hand in hand in fluid communication with the Client, the results can be unbeatable.

Expression of our style

The decoration transcends the aesthetic; it goes far beyond the mere choice of elements, the combination of colors and textures or the greater or lesser knowledge of trends. A good decoration has to be able to transmit our lifestyle, be a kind of extension of our way of living day to day.

For the above reasons, the main ingredient for a good decoration is listening to who is going to enjoy, who lives in that home; otherwise we would obtain spaces without personality, without character, flat. Depending on their needs, tastes, concerns and desires, the result will be different.

It should also be said that decoration is not something static, but absolutely dynamic because, being a reflection of ourselves, it asks to be changed, as we do it ourselves over time.

Play with sculptures

Art is a unique element that we can play with when decorating our home. Whether we are talking about sculptures or paintings, flexibility is absolute: we can “make spinning” the entire decoration of a room around that work of art, giving it full prominence or, on the contrary, that it acquires a secondary role but no less important, integrating it with other elements of the room.

In other words, the choice of the location of the work of art is important and, if we look at the sculptures, for example, it tends to avoid placing more than two in the same room if it is not very large, since they would be stolen limelight/prominence among themselves. Still, the sculptures give a lot of play and can be a magnificent expression of our refined taste.

Variety for all tastes

One of the great advantages of sculptures – as with other artworks – is that the variety is so great that it covers all tastes. We can use a wide range of styles, from the most classical or Renaissance, to the contemporary, where the variety of sub-styles and materials is impressive, to the abstract, which has gained a lot of weight in recent years due to its amazing expressive capacity. Each style provokes a different emotion and each theme also, whether it is human, animal, object or abstract representations.

With all these possibilities, we can use the decorative force of the sculptures in all rooms, even in the corridor, where it will acquire an exhibition paper, being able to apply directional light on it to enhance it. The meaning thereof in each room will be very different, because while in the dining room or living room it competes in relevance with the rest of the decorative elements -including the furniture-, in the bedroom it acquires its maximum expression and in the hall or entrance it acts as a business card of the elegance and good taste that will accompany the visitor to the rest of the house.