With the arrival of summer, even long after leaving our student stage, we tend to take stock of the school year. This year, with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems that this self-assessment is even more necessary. Blues Simon Group is not an exception because, in addition, this self-demand is essential for us to continue embarked on our process of constant improvement.

As we have seen in previous articles, the starting situation of our company with respect to other organizations to face the months of confinement that we have lived was much more favorable. We had done our homework and our modernization strategy had provided us with the technology and processes necessary to continue developing our activity remotely.

Feliz Verano

Safety nets

Despite this safety net we had, we had another one that was even more comforting, which in the midst of the maelstrom and the chaos that the coronavirus caused in some moments, was injected into our veins those doses of tranquility and calm that make the difference. We refer to the network that the Blues Simon Group’s ecosystem has created, starting with our own team, going through partners and suppliers and ending with the Clients themselves.

The truth is that in these complicated months we have felt very protected/supported by all of them, receiving signs of affection such as the emotional letter from Petra, in which she and her husband not only assured that “there is no ‘we cannot’ for Blues Simon Group” but, even more important for us, they praised all our professional staff.

These have been months in which we have supported each one to another, bringing out the best in each other, to reach a successful conclusion together, in which we have continued to build relationships in projects as ambitious as the one carried out together with Ramón Gandía Brull (RGB Arquitectos), the Technical Architect Joaquín Pérez and Royal Residence Lifestyle. That harmony we achieve, amplifying synergies to unimaginable heights, is the one that materializes in projects like the one we developed with De Appelboom, with our dear Peggi Kramer who contributed her good work in interior design to the professionalism of the Architect José Luis de María.

For this responsiveness, for the way that we have all worked together to build resilience in times when this was most needed, we feel tremendously grateful to all of you!

Certainty in uncertainty

It tends to be said that COVID-19 has generated an uncertainty scenario, which in economics is known as the theory of the black swan, which describes an unexpected and high-impact event. Surely the coronavirus has been and that it poses a panorama of volatility and unpredictability that is putting many organizations in a tight spot/check.

Even assuming this circumstance and, of course, recognizing that the COVID-19 has made us stop, take a step back and rethink our strategy to get ahead with more desire, enthusiasm and passion than ever, we must also admit that we played with advantage.

Facing this horizon plagued with uncertainty, we have a certainty, which we could say that is balsamic. We talk about the certainty of this Blues Simon Group’s ecosystem, which for more than a decade and little by little we have been building between all of us, weaving the safety net that we mentioned previously.

If any effect has had the coronavirus in this regard, it has been to strengthen our relationships, those that we have always spoiled/pampered and that, in the most difficult moments, give their best, demonstrating how solid they are.

For all this, feeling very fortunate, we wish you a very happy summer, with the promise that with the promise that when you return from your holidays, we will be where we have always been, at your side to continue building a future together!