Customizing process

The idea of placing the Client in the core of business strategy seems to have become a mantra in any of the sectors that are analyzed: consumption, fashion, health and, of course, construction. However, while others continue to be anchored in personalizing the customer’s shopping experience, at Blues Simon Group we have made a qualitative leap a long time ago and what we customize is their own Home, going hand in hand from the beginning up to end of the project, regardless we are talking about a refurbishment or a new construction home.

Since we were born as a Company, our leitmotif has always been the Customer Experience, but not only in the purchasing process, but throughout the entire life cycle of a project. This philosophy has become one of our differentiating elements within our Value Proposal.

When Clients comes to us, they always know what they want … even if they don’t realize that they know it. Our experience thus reveals it and the first thing we do at Blues Simon Group is to listen actively and attentively to their dreams, their concerns, their past experiences with other houses, even everything that is clear to them that they do not want – which sometimes marks the better way to know what they actually do want-. As a result of that atmosphere of trust that is created, we are able to lay the foundations for the Client to have a unique experience, as well as his Project, which for us always marks a before and after compared to any other.

Unleash Your imagination

One of the keys to achieving the customizing level and those memorable moments that are created along a project with Blues Simon Group is to understand that we are at the service of the Client and not the other way around. This inevitably happens by putting at Your entire disposal all our experience and professionalism, with which to respond to each of Your needs.

They are  these wickers that we begin to intertwine together with imagination, Yours and that of our professionals, whose passion for their work gives wings to creativity, spurred/encouraged  because “there is no ‘we can’t’ for Blues Simon Group”, as underlined a few months ago one of our Clients.

You are the Artist

The creation phase, that is, the project execution phase, is the most important of the Project itself. Nor at this stage do we abandon our vocation of Customer service! To limit oneself to having collected and agreed with Client the ideas for the new home would be to fall into old vices in the sector, to reduce oneself to, how we aimed at the beginning, to customize the shopping experience … and period.

Perhaps for some it is easy; Not for us! Quite the opposite, since what we feel that is the most difficult would be to make this “journey” alone, without the Client’s accompaniment. Permanent contact with him, the continuous search for his feedback, is essential for us. It is at this stage in which the Client is so much participant and protagonist of the Project that he becomes the true Artist of the work and we, mere instruments in his hands.

And now to enjoy!

The culmination of the Project is Your entire enjoyment; to see how those first distended conversations in which ideas and dreams flowed incessantly, have come True.

That sequence that for us is so magical, that cadence of listening-trusting-imagining-creating-enjoying is the basis of our score; Yours are the notes and the baton itself too, while our team of professionals plays the instruments of Your singular symphony. More than a decade playing together without ever repeating repertoire! That and NO other is the true key to customizing!