The customer experience


Placing the customer at the centre of the business has always been the goal of Blues Simon Group. This is what we wanted to evidence in the last article we published, in which we detailed our approach to the customer, and how during the entire life process of a project, the customer is in charge of it. For the entire Blues Simon Group team, it is very gratifying to receive messages of satisfaction from our customer, telling us how they have lived the experience of building their new home as something unforgettable, beyond a mere commercial transaction.

We put vanity aside, considering this feedback as an evaluation of our work, a process of continuous improvement in which we examine ourselves day by day, project by project. That is why, hearing from them that our team “has been very professional in their work, helping us to have the house of our dreams”, highlighting that “we always got the best service from them, they responded quickly” gives us wings to continue in that same line.

Our customers are the best advocate

For Blues Simon Group there is no big or small project, because we understand that for you, your home is your star project. Whether it is a new work or a reform, we display all our professionalism and enthusiasm to meet, if not exceed, any expectation. 

Hearing our customers say “3 years ago we were looking for a builder to completely renovate our house. We are so happy for having trust Blue Simon Group with our house! Perfect people who work in the company, always looking for the best solutions”, it is very comforting.

The importance given to our customers, the details we have always had with those who approach us, have opened the doors of new projects. The best advocates for Blues Simon Group are our own customers, as evidence by that renovation customer who remembers that “when my sister wanted to build a new house, we had no hesitation in recommending you”.

Quality seal

Over the years, we have managed to create a quality seal that distinguishes us from the rest, recognizable and valued by those who are looking for the home of their dreams. Sometimes, they discover and are enthusiastic about this seal by themselves, as a client told me when he indicated that “for many years I was looking for a builder to build the house of my dreams. One day I looked at a house built by your company, was impressed by the finishes and decided to give you a call. A week later you were already listening to my ideas”.

Sometimes, we let the facts present themselves, more than our words or our marketing, as another customer indicates when explaining that “Nick spent a lot of time showing us many examples of houses built by his company. This gave us a lot of inspiration and a good vision of the quality of the works and the materials they use”.

The team is essential

No matter the obstacles that we find in our way, even the distance is not a barrier for our customers to participate in the day-to-day of each project, as expressed by one of our customers in Sierra de Altea, recalling that “we lived in Portugal and Blues Simon Group kept us updated by sending weekly images with all the progress”.

“The whole team gets involved and focuses on doing the job well”, some customers say, while at the end of a different project others add that “we begin to see the team as our friends.” That is the contagious passion of Blues Simon Group, always grateful that clients come to qualify us as “highly qualified artisans”, focused on finding “cooperative solutions to complex problems that arise in projects”.