Christmas Time is coming and with it the end of the year in which, in addition to taking stock of the year and developing new purposes for 2020, we cannot help ourselves feeling grateful and fortunate. That is why in this last article of the year, we want to convey a message of gratitude to everyone who, belonging of any family, is part of the great Blues Simon Group family.

First of all, we have to thank our Clients, because YOU are our reason for being. More than a decade ago, our company placed the Client at the center of our strategy and time has not failed to prove us that we are right: it was a success. From the very first moment of the creation of the projects until their completion, in a transversal way in each of our departments, the philosophy of guiding and satisfying the needs of our Clients is present.

Thanks to this approach, we have strengthened our relationships, in which communication and confidence are fundamental pillars. Precisely for this reason, we have not only managed to offer an exclusive quality of service but also the feedback you give us, it helps us to forge long-term strategies in which You are always the axis where everything turns/revolves.

Feliz Navidad

Suppliers and partners

Clients are not the only ones who accompany us on this adventure. Our suppliers and partners are another essential part of the foundation on which Blues Simon Group stands. Thank you for being there. The good quality of your materials, delivery times, your advice, your innovation … all these are part of our present and future business. 

Thank you for your confidence, because together we have known how to weave a win-to-win relationship, in which we become allies, in traveling companions whose destination we share: the satisfaction of our Clients which we have printed on our DNA.


Finally, we want to thank each and every one of Blues Simon Group employees, for continuing to believe in a business project as special as this one that, with more than a decade behind it, has proven its solvency. Our staff is our main value and with which we really raise our Clients’ projects.

Thank you for your effort, your determination, your interest, concern and even for the disagreements that, as in any relationship as close as we have, sometimes occur. And if something was clear from the beginning, it is that we were not looking for workers who would obey us following the role of a hierarchical structure, but that they would follow us for sharing a project, which they always try to improve through constructive criticism. Only in this way is it possible to be a better company and offer the quality levels that place Blues Simon Group at the spearhead of one of the most competitive sectors.

To all of You, we thank you for giving us a magnificent, unique 2019, during which we forged new alliances, extended our family and completed multiple projects that, in turn, opened the doors to new ones.

To all of You we include you in our list of purposes for 2020, in which together, side by side, we will continue to raise the quality of our service, in a responsible, professional, sustainable and exclusive way.

And, of course, we wish You all: