blue arrow team

The maintenance of a house is essential to extend its useful life, help us to enjoy it to enjoy it in the best possible comfort and save us a lot of money in repairs that could have been unnecessary. My name is Rares, I am a technician at Blue Arrow Team, the Blues Simon Group’s specialized Renovation and Maintenance Company, and my experience tells me that opting for proper maintenance is the best investment for the future.

In fact, this maxim of looking after the state of our property extends to all areas. Over the years, I have worked as a technician on military aircraft and helicopters, as a specialist in supersonic aircraft engines and their installations and, for nearly a decade afterwards, as a maintenance manager in the hotel and catering sector. In all of them, I have been able to see the benefits of good maintenance, and it has also helped me to transfer this experience to the world of housing.

Avoiding major problems

In the case of dwellings, regular monitoring of the elements of the house is essential in order, among other things, to avoid costly breakdowns. There are many examples to illustrate this statement; one of them could be the cleaning of roofs and gutters. Especially in climates with frequent rainfall, damaged or even wind-driven roof tiles or pipes clogged with dry leaves can lead to serious leaks or dampness.

In this same sense, checking the pressure and condition of the rest of the pipes can also be useful to avoid water leaks, which, in addition to increasing our monthly bill, can also cause leaks, mildew and fungi that are harmful to our health.

Greater energy efficiency

Another of the best examples that highlight the advantages of the maintenance that we carry out at Blue Arrow Team is the cleaning of photovoltaic solar panels and solar thermal panels, the latter being used for domestic hot water. It is very common to install this type of panels and simply not think about them again beyond seeing reflected in our electricity bill how beneficial they are.

Nevertheless, as time goes by, the energy efficiency of these panels is reduced and, in most cases, due to a simple cleaning problem. Particularly after the recent episodes we have experienced of haze, dust particles, pollen or sand in suspension accumulate on the panels, negatively affecting their performance and useful life. Regular cleaning of these installations can bring, on the other hand, an improvement in performance of up to 17%.

Disease prevention

On the other hand, if the pandemic made one thing clear, it is that maintaining adequate ventilation is essential to prevent the spread of disease and bacteria. At Blue Arrow Team, we did not need the arrival of COVID to become aware of this reality. For this reason, we have been recommending to our Clients for years our preventive maintenance service for their ventilation systems, both in terms of filters and ducting.

Thanks to this, we improve indoor air quality and ensure that the ventilation ducts are free of mold, fungus or any other pathogenic bacteria that could endanger the lives of the people living in the house.

In short, my experience tells me that maintenance should always be very well considered, because it not only contributes to improving our comfort, even our health, but also allows us to save money in the medium to long term, increasing the value of our home, which, after all, is our personal recharge and enjoyment place.