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The role of doors our home goes far beyond separating rooms and providing privacy at certain times; they have become another element that helps to give the rooms a personal stamp, a distinctive touch of design. In the wide variety of doors that exist, the so-called “flush doors”, “recessed doors” o “invisible doors”, which Blues Simon Group has already incorporated in almost all of its projects, are one of the most elegant options.

Can the door and the wall become a single element? They can, relying on this flush door option, which is basically a door that is fully integrated into the wall, so there are no frames or recesses. From an aesthetic point of view, the wall is presented as a single canvas on which we only perceive the handle to open and close the door, with no trace of the hinges and even less of the molding.

Unbroken harmony

This door model is fully customizable and requires the integration of the frame into the wall, and can also be flush with the ceiling. The system is flexible enough to adapt to different wall thicknesses, including plasterboard.

Normally this type of door is mounted on an aluminum frame that is concealed inside the partition wall. To achieve maximum continuity and integration, it is recommended that the skirting boards are also flush, following the same line. Likewise, tall, floor-to-ceiling doors are becoming increasingly popular, giving a greater sensation of spaciousness and harmony without breaks in the rooms.

Although there are models in which the bolts are exposed, the ideal is that the hinges are also hidden, taking minimalism to its maximum expression. This type of hinge allows 180º opening, although there are models on the market that, if the installation is adapted, offer total opening on both sides.

Sliders also

The range of possibilities with flush doors is endless. You can give them the same finish and color as the rest of the wall, which makes them completely invisible, or, on the other hand, make them stand out with bright colors that stand out against the background of the wall. These doors are suitable for all types of finishes, whether in MDF for painting to taste or even wallpapering, laminated HPL Formica, natural wood veneers or lacquered finish.

If we also want to add a touch of originality, flush doors can be fitted in different ways. In this way, apart from the more conventional door system, you can also choose to make them:

  • Sliding, so that even more space can be saved, especially if it is concealed in the wall when it is opened – although the thickness of the partition wall can be a limitation in this case. Whether this is the case or the wall, the feeling is that it disappears.
  • Pivoting, thanks to their vertical axis, they can be opened from either the left or right side, adding an extra touch of originality.

On the other hand, we can also eliminate the handle, by incorporating magnetic closers that contribute even more to the mimicry of the door. In addition, and for greater convenience, flush doors also allow the installation of invisible door closers, so that the door closes by itself when it is open.

In short, we have in front of us the option of giving prominence to our doors, paradoxically, hiding them, imbuing our room with elegance; something, on the other hand, that we can also apply to the doors of our wardrobes.