We do not discover anything new if we value the importance of natural light in the home, not only for what it can mean in terms of energy efficiency and savings for our pocket, but also for its positive impact on our mood, activating even our defenses. In this area, solar tubes can be a solution as elegant as functional.

Solar tubes are more than just a skylight, since they are conceived in the upper rooms or in the attics; however, with the solar tubes it is possible to bring the light from the outside, even, to the blind rooms where we would never have thought it would be possible. Imagine doing it, without plugs, without excessively complicated installations and with the guarantee that your insulation is guaranteed, preventing any leakage of water when it rains, or of condensation.

This is possible thanks to the system of reflective tube capable of capturing the external light that hits the roof and, through a diffuser; distribute it throughout the interior of the room. Solar tubes are especially recommended for kitchens and bathrooms, but also for basements and even for places of passage, such as corridors and stairs.

Tubos Solares


The advances in the design have managed to break the barrier that implied the inclined roofs, and it is already viable the installation of these solar tubes in roofs with slopes of up to 60 degrees, offering yields of up to 98% of reflectance. In addition, and as regards the tube itself, its structure is flexible and adaptable reflective, so that overcome the difficulties when overcoming obstacles, or in the case that the distance between the roof and the interior ceiling is of very small dimensions.

From the decorative point of view, the design of these solar tubes offer many possibilities, among which we highlight the embellishing rings that are integrated with the rest of the room, while helping to maximize the distribution of natural light. Likewise, it is a real luxury to be able to enjoy from the interior of the changing light of the seasons, as well as of the hours of the day.


The advantages offered

At a glance, we could summarize the advantages of solar tubes in the following:

  • Energy saving. Thanks to the use of sunlight as a source of lighting
  • Care for the environment. Resorting to a renewable energy source is always more sustainable than fossil fuels
  • Improvement of the quality of life. Natural light favors our defenses and concentration. It is a vital source of energy and studies confirm that it helps relieve stress.
  • Greater comfort. Opting for natural light instead of artificial light gives our rooms’ greater warmth, making them cozier, with more vivid and real colors and greater clarity

Accessories and adapters

Over the years, these types of solutions have been significantly improved and it is already possible to find in the market models equipped with artificial lighting kits. This is especially useful at night, because it allows the installation of low consumption LED bulbs. In addition, some models also have adapters for ventilation, for all those cases in which mechanical ventilation is required, such as in bathrooms.

On the other hand and as we always recommend, from our experience we advise to put yourselves in the hands of professionals for the installation of these solar tubes, because an inadequate action/ performance can lead to serious problems of moisture or leakage in the duct. So to resume, solar tubes are a fantastic option to bring natural light to dark places, giving our home a plus of elegance.