One more year, Cevisama opened its doors in Castellón, bringing together the most distinguished of the national and international pottery market. He did it last week, bringing together nearly 800 companies, more than 100,000 visitors– with 17,000 foreign professionals – throughout its more than 120,000 square meters.

The weight of a trade fair like Cevisama is beyond doubt – it is already considered the fourth Spanish fair that provides the most value to us, the professionals – as evidenced by the presence of visitors from more than 80 countries and in which our Autonomous Community reigns as of manufacturers level, since 85% of them are concentrated in Castellón. Inaugurated last January 28 by the Minister of Industry, Reyes Maroto, this annual meeting achieves year after year to attract more international attention, having grown the number of foreign exhibitors by 20% compared to 2018 and this year releasing an optimistic climate of recovery.

Cevisama 2019

Good health of the sector

The fair served to know first-hand the state of health of the ceramic sector that, according to the data provided by the Spanish Association of Tile Manufacturers (Ascer), in 2018 produced more than530 million square meters of tiles, which it meant sales worth 3,600 million euros (2% more than the previous year).

Another good news is that sales abroad continue their growth path with a new historical record of 2,710 million euros, reaching 187 countries around the world. In Spain, the market is already close to 890 million euros, growing at rates close to 8%.

From the point of view of markets, they have highlighted two outstandingly. On the one hand, the Italian, which stands as the one that represents the greatest competence for Spanish market. On the other, the US which is gradually increasing its imports (9.4%), being already the second largest market. We cannot forget, also, the Arab countries, for which Spain and respectively Cevisama, are a reference.

More colorful trends

If we had to highlight a trend, we have to look at the XXL formats, with which we try to return to the classic, but in a refined way, wearing walls and floors. Personalization is another predominant note, which opens the door to introducing ceramics in spaces of the house where until recently it was not conceived.

It is perceived in the sector an escape from the minimalism, from that exaggerated sobriety of recent years, looking more towards the bright/vibrant/strong colors, the presentations of nature. There perhaps, and although the taste for soft colors with pink, terracotta and orange is still preserved, we could speak of a domain of smaller formats, with colors reminiscent of confetti, with pink, blue and purple tones. A more decorative style is intuited, playing with the mosaics, combining with other materials such as wood of all kinds (rosewood, bamboo, wenge or eucalyptus).

The redefinition of luxury

Likewise, Cevisama has brought with it a redefinition of luxury, characterized by playing with a wide range of natural stone types (Burlington stone, semiprecious, onyx and Apuano marble), with abundant veins and diagonals, launching into darker tones – being not at all dreary / lugubrious – to provide the opportunity to play with lights and shadows.

On the other hand, among the most outstanding products, it is fair to quote Rocersa, who won an “Alfa de Oro” with its three-dimensional product that does not require enamels and that can start a new trend in ceramic tiles.