Our Team

Nick Filip
Dirección General y Dirección Comercial
Rocío Andreo
Directora Financiera
Responsable del área financiera, administración y Marketing.
Florín Sular
Director de Producción
Responsable de dirección y ejecución de proyectos.
Alicia Rubio
Arquitecto Técnico
Responsable del departamento de control y seguimiento de obras.
Narciso Oliva
Arquitecto Técnico
Project Manager responsable de desarrollo y ejecución de proyectos.
Luigi Oprea
Director de BS Servicios
Project Manager y Responsable del área de Negocio.
Marian Filipas
Works Coordinator
Personnel management, Quality and Supplies.
Corina Muresan
Customer service
Support to the commercial department and customer service.
Svitlana Kushnir
Dpto. Administración
Facturación y apoyo tareas administración.
Virginia Untaniene
At. Cliente Ruso
Documentación y gestión clientes rusos.

  • About Blues Simon Group

    Blues Simon Group is a construction firm situated in Altea, which specialises in new-builds, refurbishments and works execution. We work for both businesses and private individuals and offer you a broad range of services to make your home or business into anything you want.
  • Services

    Blues Simon Group’s Services Division was created with the purpose of offering our clients the best and most exclusive domestic services. We guarantee quality services, speed, reliability and professionalism, at the best prices in the areas of Marina Baja and Marina Alta.
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