A legend from the Guaraní culture (Paraguay) tells that once upon a time there was a great fire in the jungle. All the animals were running away from the flames and then the jaguar saw the hummingbird fly straight towards the fire. He observed several times that it made the same journey, from the lake to the fire, carrying only a couple of drops of water in its beak. When the jaguar warned him of the pointlessness of such a course of action, the hummingbird replied, «I am doing my part». At Blues Simon Group we have been doing “our part” in sustainability for many years, but we don’t do it alone, we work with partners who provide a multiplier effect, as is the case with the promoter AlteArt.

In the midst of the Climate Summit in Dubai (COP28) we are pleased to be able to bring news such as our alliance with AlteArt. Aware that the construction sector is one of the sectors that generates the largest carbon footprint; both companies have embarked on a project that will contribute to continue laying the foundations for the change that our sector demands.

Building based on the same vision

Turquesa Homes marks a before and after in the real estate scene on the Costa Blanca, and we are confident that it will spread to other parts of Spain. Sharing the same vision, AlteArt and Blues Simon Group are building this promotion of 12 independent and sustainable villas that will make the spirit of consuming the minimum while living to the maximum a reality.

With their wooden structure and envelope, bioclimatic pergola, photovoltaic system and efficient “mallorquinas”, not a single detail has been neglected in these villas. Both companies conceive the reinvention of the construction sector from a holistic point of view, that is to say, covering the entire life cycle of a home. For this reason, at Turquesa Homes we have scrutinised our entire supply chain, ensuring that the wood comes from forests whose felling is authorised and ensures reforestation, sustainability and protection of biodiversity.

The incorporation of this material will bring significant benefits to the village once the works are completed, as it has a very positive impact in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation. In addition, during the construction phase, CO2 emissions are also significantly reduced, which, together with the other energy efficiency measures installed, means that the overall carbon footprint plummets.

Unlocking the value of sustainability

The Turquesa Homes development is unequivocal proof of how it is possible to pull in the same direction to create a positive sum effect. By making the most of the synergies of both teams of professionals and being perfectly aligned around the same strategy, the union of both organisations is absolutely disruptive in the sector.

The extensive experience of Blues Simon Group and AlteArt in applying ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria in their approach and the common commitment that both have to the Client, prioritising quality, honesty and transparency, have formed the perfect melting pot to forge a project like this.

Turquesa Homes is an inspiring project, the first of many, which seeks to unlock all the value that lies in a sustainable approach to our sector. A new perspective that amplifies the benefits for both the Client and the environment they enjoy, feeding back into each other, in the same way that Blues Simon Group and AlteArt have done with our knowledge, our experience and our innovation. Another approach to building is needed, starting with new alliances through which we can continue to differentiate ourselves in the construction market.