Blues Simon Group is a group of companies based in Altea, which specialises in constructions, refurbishments and works execution. We have almost a decade of experience working in the construction and integral refurbishments sector. We work for both businesses and private individuals and offer a broad range of services that will make your home or business into whatever you want it to be. We build and refurbish luxury chalets, provide personalised assessment from the very start of the project to when we deliver the keys in your hand, and provide interior design services.

Our services division is in charge of ensuring our clients’ wellbeing. At Blues Simon Group, we carry out all kinds of home maintenance and repairs, whilst providing a broad range of domestic services. We also have a property management division that is in charge of all home maintenance, from the moment residents arrive to when they leave.

We have a highly-qualified team of technicians, officers and graduates who are constantly updating their professional skills and who are ready and available to provide any type of advice and service that will fulfil your needs. From the beginning, we have considered having a team of highly-qualified professionals an essential and strategic factor for the growth of our business, which has allowed us to complete all of the projects that we have participated in successfully.



At Blues Simon Group, our principal objective is to offer the highest quality in our services to our clients’ utmost satisfaction, whilst minimising the environmental effects of our business activities. For this reason, we are constantly putting our efforts into optimising our Quality Management System based on the requirements of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 (2008) Standard and our Environmental Management System based on the requirements of the UNE-EN- ISO 14001:2004 Standard, with the following principal guidelines: ensuring that our clients are completely satisfied, respecting and caring for the environment, optimising our

[/column_half][column_half_last] human and material resources with the purpose of continuously improving our processes and our treatment of the environment, so as to achieve greater productivity, competitiveness and sustainability in performing our corporate activities. We are constantly adopting the measures required to ensure fulfilment of the technical and regulatory requirements of the applicable legislation on the environment and waste generation and to instil in our personnel a series of processes and habits that will foster the preventative protection of our employees and the environment.


Our corporate project is the result of the combined efforts and joint thinking of all of us at Blues Simon Group. Our workforce will be at your side at all times to make your project a reality, from the earliest most basic drafts to the final execution and finishing touches. Our architects, designers and technicians take on all kinds of projects, from the construction of a shop to a high-rise, including single-family homes. We accompany you throughout the whole process and we guarantee that our team of highly-qualified professionals will provide you with a tailored and personalised service.


Our mission

At Blues Simon Group, we work on behalf of and for our clients, guaranteeing a high-quality result, supported by a qualified team of professionals which will be at your side and provide advice throughout the whole construction or refurbishment process. We work with first-grade materials and are committed to your project from its very inception. The client only has to worry about seeing how their project develops; Blues Simon Group will take care of all the legal, technical and financial procedures and management, of the architecture and interior design and the integral management of the whole project. Our highest priority is the ease, comfort and wellbeing of our client.


Our values

[accordion title=”Professionalism and experience”]Our team of technicians and professionals from the construction sector offers you the services needed to successfully execute your projects and works. Our work is guaranteed by the experience we have obtained over the course of almost a decade and is focused especially on satisfying the needs of our clients.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Trust and transparency”]The essential element in any project is trust. At Blues Simon Group, we show our clients how we intend to execute their projects so that they get to know our working methods and the quality of our services. We guarantee a personalised service and a working relationship based on trust and transparency.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Passionate about our work”]We are passionate about all our projects. Every new job is a challenge and goal for our team of professionals, who focus on ensuring that our clients receive the best possible outcome with every project. Using our own resources, we oversee and execute integral projects and refurbishments of any scale and complexity.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Integral service”]At Blues Simon Group we pay special attention and put all effort into each of our projects, with the objective of continuously improving, to become a company specialising in the construction sector, able to offer an integral service and personalised treatment in each and every project.[/accordion]


Blues Simon Group has an International Division ready and available to attend to all the needs of our foreign clients. We will not only attend our clients in their own languages, but also ensure that we find out their specific assessment needs and what they require to best manage the time spent in Spain, with the minimum of fuss.