The fireplace - this winter's queen

The relentless rise in the price of energy, whether electricity or gas, has given traditional wood-burning fireplaces back their leading role in combating the cold. With the start of autumn, many homes want to have their installations ready and chimney sweeps can’t cope. This is an effective solution for heating the home, which, in addition, gives a cozy feeling like few others on cold winter days.
According to data from the Spanish Association of Chimney and Stove Manufacturers (AEFECC), heating absorbs 47% of the energy consumption of Spanish homes and, in the case of single-family homes, which represent 35% of the housing stock in Spain and are those that can install chimneys, it can reach 64%. Therefore, the return to fireplaces is not surprising.

Heating the whole house

To get the most out of a fireplace, it is necessary to be ambitious and not only want to heat the room in which it is located. Firstly, it is important to install it correctly in order to obtain maximum performance with minimum consumption and, furthermore, with greater safety in the event of gas leaks, so trusting a professional fro this is the best option.

Although, depending on its characteristics, a fireplace can heat open rooms of between 25 and 100 square meters, it is possible to distribute the heat throughout the house, even if it is distributed over several floors. This is possible thanks to a system of pipes that can even help to heat the water in the radiators.

Moreover, in recent years fans have been incorporated into fireplaces that contribute to a better distribution of heat, increasing their efficiency and providing more uniform heat with lower consumption. Some estimates put this improved performance at up to 30%. In addition, the latest models do not require electric supply, operating thanks to the heat energy generated from thermal shocks.

Setting the tone

In addition to its undeniable functionality, few elements are capable of providing a home with the warmth and sense of well-being that a fireplace confers. As the core of the living room, this element takes on the role of a common thread in the decoration of the room, as a large part of the furniture, especially that which brings people together, is directed towards this point to enjoy it.

For this reason, and although the fire is already attractive enough, the decoration of the opening of the fireplace is something not to be taken lightly. Over the years, a wide range of options have been added to the option of exposed refractory brick, ranging from marble, playing with white, beige or grey tones, to wood, plaster… which can incorporate motifs to match the ceiling and walls.

We must not forget the latest designs of suspended fireplaces that are generally open, which may be aesthetically in our favor, but not functionally, as their efficiency is 30% compared to 70% for closed ones.


Since the eyes are inevitably drawn to the fireplace, it is not only the fireplace that is the center of attention, but also everything that surrounds it. For this reason, we must know how to give the right decorative touch to this item, as the personality of the entire living room will depend to a large extent on it.

Shelves combined with spaces to store some firewood to give an organic touch to the room is one of the most widespread options. However, it is not the only one, and the latest trends are marked by asymmetrical designs that bring dynamism and elegance, even incorporating benches to sit by the warmth of the fire.