closeness to customers con los clientes


It is neither the first time nor will it be the last that we share the backbone of our business: closeness to customers. For Blues Simon Group there is no different way to fulfill our mission, which is none other than to build the houses of their dreams for people. It is something natural, that flows, that is breathed in the atmosphere of the company at all levels. We are real, empathetic and with our ears always wide open to listen to our clients.

While others call it “proximity marketing”, for us it is our reason for being, the reason why after more than a decade in the market we continue with our feet on the ground, glued to our customers. We simply do not know how to work otherwise. 

Although for our team it is something natural and spontaneous, the normal thing when the levels of quality and the prestige of Blues Simon Group have been reached would be to let ourselves be carried away by inertia, by that force that has led us to where we are today. However, this is not the case; Perhaps we are rare, uncommon, but the proximity with our clients, partners and suppliers is something so inseparable from our organization that, if we part with it, we would be a totally different company.

Walls of glass

When we launched our new website this year, we already wanted to convey that message to those who still do not know us. Raising glass walls and exposing our values, our principles, showing the faces of the team that strives every day to respond to the wishes and needs of our clients.

Subsequently, we have been publishing videos of the different construction phases of some of our projects, without cheating, teaching the whole world the levels of excellence that we display in each of our homes.

Now, in addition, we share a complete photographic gallery of ongoing projects, as well as our people working on them, with that passion and professionalism that our clients appreciate and transmit to us. We love to show everything and show ourselves, that both our clients and our partners see the involvement of the team on site, how we leave the offices, how that taste for attention to detail leads us to who we are today.

Our natural space

For others, perhaps, doing this kind of thing would be going out of their comfort zone; for us, on the other hand, it is the opposite, we move like fish in water, our natural space.

Marketing concepts that have been used ad nauseam in recent years, such as “friendly brand”, “customer loyalty” or “engagement” are terms that Blues Simon Group incorporated naturally from the first year of its birth. It would be hypocritical, however, not to admit that these principles end up reverting very positively to the business, but unlike what happens in other cases, neither that is the end nor the principles set.

This is the reason why we like to show ourselves, teach our clients and our current ecosystem of partners and partners, as well as potential ones, that frank passion and taste for good work from our entire team. In some civilizations there is a superstition that photographs steal the soul; In our case, they expose it, share it and send a message that is as forceful as it is unequivocal: here we are by and for our clients, our reason for being.