System of Building SilverBlock

This is not the first time that we delve into some of the construction techniques that Blues Simon Group uses to build their homes. If a few weeks ago we were talking about post-tensioned floor-slabs, today we address the SilverBlock system, which we have already used in projects such as those carried out with Ross Architects.

It is an improved construction system that is based on reinforced concrete load-bearing walls with a graphite EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) formwork, which among its benefits, offers low thermal conductivity and greater thicknesses of both exterior and interior insulation, which inevitably lead on a higher level of comfort.

Graphite EPS has a higher density that gives it greater mechanical resistance. Its structural strength, which extraordinarily facilitates its execution on site, is not incompatible with its great versatility, being able to be used both in high-rise buildings and in single-family homes –as is our case-. On occasion, it has even been used in swimming pools. The fact that EPS is a material without nutritional components for neither fungi nor bacteria helps to prevent these problems from appearing over time.

Advantages on worksite

SilverBlock blocks are formed from two EPS molded panels joined by plastic cross-pieces, which is where the horizontal reinforcement is directly attached. Thanks to this, it is possible to build the entire structure at the same time, that is, to mount the enclosure and the insulation much more quickly than with traditional techniques and, moreover, in a cleaner and easier way. SilverBlock also counts with high seismic resistance.

In addition to the strength and versatility mentioned above, SilverBlock offers other types of advantages over other construction techniques. On site, the handling of this material is much easier due to its lightness and that, ultimately, results in shorter times and the need to require fewer personnel for this work. As a consequence, costs are also reduced for both the construction company and the client, who will see their project completed more quickly.

Comfort and eco-efficiency

For the inhabitants of the house, comfort is assured thanks to the benefits that SilverBlock offers in terms of acoustic and thermal insulation. If on the outside it is capable of doubling the thickness to 10 centimeters, on the inside it can be played with 15, 20 or 30 centimeters, increasing its structural strength.

This, in turn, results in greater energy efficiency, reducing energy consumption to a minimum and cutting across CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

In this same environmental line, it should be remembered that 98% of the volume of EPS is air and only 2% solid material and, in addition, easily recyclable, so the ecological footprint of the house is drastically reduced during waste management of the construction.

Likewise, it allows a wide variety of finishes and coatings to be able to adapt even more to the client’s tastes, increasing the personalization of the home, as shown by the Blues Simon Group projects in which it is already used.