Interior design and construction

Improving Your experience also on the internet

Months ago we embarked on a new project in which, as we usually do with our homes projects, we pour out all our enthusiasm and passion for a job well done. With more than a decade behind us, we wanted to show at-a-glance: who we are, how we work and how we have been able to evolve throughout all these years, but always walking along the same “common thread”, which is none other than to put the people at the center of our business. This is how our new website was born.

Neither reforms nor remodeling of it! We wanted a new website, which despite distilling innovation and avant-garde, would not fail to convey the distinction, exclusivity and special attention to detail that we have always shown. The result is already in sight, “stripping us” on the outside with our projects and on the inside with the magnificent human team that makes up Blues Simon Group.

More than homes

One of the key objectives that we had set ourselves with this new website was to show what Blues Simon Group is. We are a human group that designs and builds much more than houses; a team of specialists, each with many years of experience in our respective fields, who together with our Clients create homes. That is our passion and we believe that we managed to transmit it with the small journey through part of the Blues Simon Group family that we are sharing in this new space.

United by a philosophy that you can find in Our Why, we place our Clients at the core of our business; they are the reason for our being and their happiness, our goal. We wanted to get even closer to our Clients, to show them how our code of conduct has made us an honest, fair and committed Company, which bases the key to its success on the well-being of its employees who, ultimately, project this environment into the  deal with the Client, from beginning to end of each project.

All with luxury of details

On the new website you will find all of our services, with which we fully cover the entire construction process, and some of our most representative projects, in whose descriptions we do not skimp when it comes to sharing the synergies and benefits that we obtain by partnering with the best studios of architecture, interior designers, etc., with whom we surround ourselves to build the house of Your dreams.

Exclusive single-family homes, spectacular avant-garde design villas or even impressive high-rise building are included in our new website, where you can find precise information on each of them, with professional photographs that do not miss any detail.

In addition, and as was the case with the previous version of our website, you can access our news space through which you can find out about the latest construction techniques, the most sophisticated decorative trends or a wide range of tips to get the most out of Your home.

Improving your experience

In the same way that in each of our projects, we are up to date! The new page is based on the latest trends in web design, combining photographs with different graphic elements and geographical shapes. All these, without penalizing the loading speed, having optimized usability and with a very clear orientation for browsing with mobile devices, so that you can access it from anywhere with any computer, both in Spanish, English and Russian.

The clean, clear and bright design with an elegant typography in which we mix bold to highlight what is important, make browsing our new website to be a pleasant experience. That was precisely our goal: to improve Your experience from the first contact, so that when you land on our website, through a simple and intuitive exploration, you will discover why, even more than a decade later Blues Simon Group keeps intact as the first day its seal of identity and quality with the Client.