Nowadays, it would not occur to anyone to discuss that there is a direct relationship between health and the place one inhabits. Unfortunately, many people have become aware of this due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced them to stay at home for longer, perceiving – and sometimes suffering – because of the unhealthy of some houses. At Blues Simon Group, we have long time being proud of our commitment, to build healthy environments for our Clients.

Since the establishment of our company, more than a decade ago, we have always been very aware that for a house to become a home, it has to guarantee essential parameters that are intimately related to people’s well-being. The World Health Organization (WHO) itself recognizes housing conditions as one of the four main determining factors for health. When practically no one was talking about it, Blues Simon Group was already evangelizing with what, in our philosophy, should be the sustainable and healthy building.

From beginning to end

Addressing this issue forces us to adopt a vision as holistic as possible, that is, we cannot limit the construction of a healthy space to its design, but must extend both to the raw materials used and to the construction methods, avoiding of toxic substances such as formaldehydes or phthalates. It could be said that this philosophy has to permeate the entire life cycle of the building.

For us, the choice of the environment in which we build the house is fundamental and, fortunately, our Mediterranean Coast provides us with wonderful enclaves for this. Combining beauty with tranquility are essential aspects, also combined with the precaution of avoiding exposure to winds or electromagnetic environments.

The organic integration of our houses with the environment is a maxim/principle that we have never renounced, paying special attention to the exterior-interior connections with large gardens, porches and terraces that not only favor access to natural light, but also the direct contact with the nature and fresh air.

Entorno Sano

Indoor conditions

A healthy building method must also pay attention to a set of aspects that decisively contribute to our well-being. We refer, for example, to proper insulation, which provides us with the necessary thermal comfort at any time of the year and protects us from noise pollution coming from outside.

Also, a fact that is often unknown is that more than 30% of new and renovated buildings suffer from sick building syndrome, generating unhealthy air for their occupants. For this reason, study the design to achieve adequate ventilation, capable of controlling odors, CO2 emissions, etc. it is essential to ensure optimal indoor air quality.

We cannot forget either the importance of natural light in the home, finding the balance to avoid glare or excessive temperature rise; and where it is not possible, an adequate arrangement of the light points with low consumption luminaires.

Therapeutic environments

Experience shows us that our commitment to sustainable and healthy building significantly improves the well-being of our Clients, providing them with spaces in which we not only take care of the most obvious aspects, such as avoiding any type of humidity that derives from fungi (respiratory problems or allergies) or the commitment to clean energy, but also the smallest details, such as ensuring good water quality with the installation of purification systemswhen necessary.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary team, decoration also plays an essential role in creating an environment that can even be therapeutic, balsamic in the face of day-to-day work stress. In addition to playing with spaces, our team of professionals can combine various relaxing strategies, from color therapy to light therapy or even aromatherapy.

It is about betting on taking care of the environment and, us as part of it, we look after our well-being and, in essence, work to humanize houses by turning them into real/authentic “homes”.