Often we do not pay enough attention to the maintenance of our homes, even though doing it properly only brings beneficial effects for our health and also for our pocket. However, the day to day absorbs us and we end up deferring these tasks.

These months of confinement in our homes, have probably helped to emerge deficiencies in the maintenanceof our home and that, unfortunately, for not having taken the proper preventive measures has now become a more expensive repair.

In order not to fall into this type of bad practices, there are people who, directly, choose to design a kind of annual maintenance plan. It is a good guide so that we do not miss any detail and we can also do it, depending on the seasons of the year. In this way, we can dedicate the period with the best weather, that is, spring and summer, for all the maintenance that affects the exterior of the house and, on the contrary, in the most adverse months – autumn and winter – when the rain and wind make works difficult outside, to proceed inside the house.


Conditioning factors

There are several factors that can vary the maintenance tasks and their frequency. Among these determining factors, for example, is the age of the house, given that the older the property is, the more attention must be paid to its care.

Likewise, the location of the house can also play a fundamental role, since depending on its proximity to the sea the external deterioration may be greater. The same happens with other atmospheric conditions such as humidity.

Inside the house

Among the most basic maintenance tasks we could highlight those related, for example, to our air conditioning devices. These types of household appliances require regular checking and cleaning of the filters, as well as the smoke detectors. Not falling into neglecting/ disregarding, in addition to saving us from some odd scare, will lengthen its useful life. The same happens with most of the kitchen appliances, whose use is intensive: just have to follow the instructions from their manual of use.

If we have a heating system and radiators, it is important not to forget to purge the air that accumulates in the circuit every season, otherwise we will lose energy efficiency by leaps and bounds. Following this same line of efficiency, it is important to watch-over if we have a good water pressure – the failure in having a good pressure could mean water leaks – and also keep the electrical installation in good condition.

Apart from the kitchen, another room that requires more attention is the bathroom. Checking the condition of the sanitary appliances and taps or that they do not present water leaks, could lead us to savings. Likewise, it is advisable to review the tile joints to prevent molds from growing or from detaching any tiles due to humidity.

Outside the house

As we have seen inside, it is not so difficult to be vigilant to the state of our home. We also can find very simple tasks to undertake on outside the house, such as unclogging drains, pipes and gutters; check if the window frames maintain the insulation standard that provides us comfort; or things as basic as protecting garden sprinklers so they don’t freeze if we live in cold areas.

Depending on the adverse weather and external wear, it is advisable to periodically paint the facade, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also to protect it from weather agents, as well as annually check the condition of the roof to prevent leaks.

Other important tasks that do not require a lot of effort are simply have a carefully look throughout the house, inside and outside it, looking for cracks, damp or unevenness. This inspection can help us to detect an incident in due time, because if it continues, will lead us to expensive reform works.