As consumers, we often follow this saying/refrain of good, beautiful, and cheap. However, is it always possible? Does it apply in the construction sector? And our answer, unfortunately, is NO, it does not apply! Whenever this “shortlist” occurs in a house, it is because something has fallen by the wayside, which on long term can have very negative consequences for our home.

To understand why it is hardly possible to get this good, pretty and cheap in a house, it is necessary to take into account several factors. Below we will share a few examples – of the total that there are – to illustrate that beauty and quality, when we talk about construction, are at odds with the cheap.

The project of building a house is only possible through the participation of many actors, each of whom plays an essential role. It is an orchestra in which if an instrument fails, the musical piece ends up out of tune. Promoters, designers and architects, builders, construction manager and workers, suppliers, quality control entities … are just some of them, and all have their cost.

The poor choice, for example, of an architect, moved solely by his low price, can lead us to professionals with insufficient training or poor experience, who not only develop a deficient or aesthetically poor project, but also, when they encounter an unforeseen event, do not have enough tables to solve it efficiently.

Safety and comfort

Materials, meanwhile, also constitute a differentiating factor. The wrong choice of materials, usually to save costs, ends up being very expensive. In the worst-case scenario and over time, it can lead to structural problems whose repair will far outweigh the cost compared to whether it had been done right from the start. This, counting on having been identified in due time, without having to regret human misfortunes for breakdown or collapses

Also, cheap insulation materials do not have to entail structural risks, but rather loss of comfort and an increase in the energy bill due to cold and / or heat leaks that may occur. Furthermore, we cannot forget the noise pollution that we can be victims of when our partitions and covers have not been properly insulated.


On the other hand, there are materials with a certain solvency from a technical point of view, which manage to lower their cost by sacrificing respect for the environment in the best case and, in the worst, being able to entail risks for the inhabitants of the house due to its potential toxicity. And, although in new constructions years ago a material as dangerous as asbestos was banished, the truth is that there are still some paints and varnishes on the market, that could well be avoided, including certain types of concrete or granite.

In addition, an incorrect study of terrain/underground – which is also expensive – on which we shall raise our house, can determine us to do it in an area too exposed to radon, a type of radioactive gas, which has no smell or color and tends to rise-up, and it can cause respiratory disorders and diseases.

Risks prevention

Finally, we cannot forget the responsibility that we all have as members of society. In this sense, and although the result of the construction of our house does not directly affect, we must ensure that in this process the appropriate occupational risk prevention policies are carried out.

And it is that, unfortunately in this construction sector that can still be a way of saving costs for the most soulless. Avoid certifications and inspections do not invest in the correct safety measures such as height harnesses, etc. these are ways of cutting expenses that, in the long term, have made this sector one of the most deadly, with increases in workplace accidents of almost 11% last year.

These are just a few examples that dismantling the good and pretty, of cheap in construction. At Blues Simon Group we always adapt to our Client’s needs, without ever crossing the red line of our standard of beauty, quality and exclusivity.