A little over a week ago, we delivered one of our house projects to a Dutch couple. After about two years of hard work, Petra, the owner, surprised us with a speech in Spanish with which they wanted to thank to the fifty workers (office staff, brick workers, and technicians) of Blues Simon Group that we had attended the act. Such thing touched our hearts and, why not say it, filled us with pride.

We said goodbye to 2019 by thanking to our Clients for being our raison d’être, to our suppliers and partners for being another essential part of the foundation on which Blues Simon Group stands and to our workers for being our main value.

This last point was faithfully reflected in the speech that Petra gave us, along which she recounted her experience, along with her partner Bernard, as silent witnesses of the coming and going in “the work of art” in which their house has converted, as herself indicated. He described our “energy, the desire to work, the good humor of all the components of the personnel and the laughs”, all this “without showing fatigue and with great professional precision”.

“It doesn’t exist the ‘it is not possible’’ for Blues Simon Group.” In this way Petra praised the tenacity and professionalism of each of our workers, capable, as he said, of creating and welding a complete railing only from an image copied from a magazine.

Core values

For many years we have endeavored to transmit to each of our works/projects the personal seal of the company, which, as Petra knew very well to detect, is based largely on “dedication” and “love” for our profession. Those are the essential materials to be able to perform the work with the quality with which we do it, with which our Construction Manager “conducts the orchestra with great passion”, as the owners detected.

The way in which Petra indicated how well received they always felt, how supported /wrapped-up, from the treatment in the office to the worksite attention, satisfies us to unimaginable levels. “They have fulfilled all the promises and been generous with the extra services,” she said, not without some effort because Spanish was not her native language. It could not be otherwise, because the degree of involvement of Blues Simon Group with each of our projects, whether large or small, is always maximum. Hence, Petra pointed out, after having witnessed the entire process and the number of people in it, “Bernard and I feel very privileged to be able to live in this construction.”


A house that, faithful to our standards, has ensured “a spectacular design, built with the most luxurious materials and taking care of the finishes up to the smallest detail,” said Petra, who came to share with those present, how “all our guests they gape at the sight of the house. ”

Without a doubt, it has been one of the most emotional deliveries we remember, in which the new owners not only told us that “we wanted to express our admiration and gratitude for this great result”, but also made us feel that “ this house will always remain a little your home ”[in reference to us].

Listening to the enthusiasm, the words of recognition of our Clients only encourages us to continue on this path, to integrate them into the great family that is Blues Simon Group and, of course, to enjoy with them such moment that, how Petra concluded, “It’s like in the comics of Astérix and Obélix, when after their adventures, they always end with a dinner, like the usual triumphant welcome”.