Having the fortune to enjoy a garden at home is a gift. A green space with a pool that, thanks to the climate we have, gives us the opportunity to turn our plot into a redoubt of relaxation after a hard day’s work or in a meeting point for unforgettable evenings.

One of the great advantages brought by single-family homes is their gardens, which, with a bit of cuddle both in their approach and in their subsequent care, can bring us many joys. The plant compositions that we can play with are endless, always trying to play with the native species, because they will adapt better to the environment, they will be more sustainable because they require less care, they will tolerate the pests much better and, in some cases, we will contribute to the protection of certain species.

In this sense, we cannot forget the shade and, for that, we can plant trees such as pines or laurels, passing through fruit trees, such as lemon trees, fig trees, orange trees or even pomegranates, which will aromatize the space. Also, the color note can come from plants such as verbenas, roses, marigold/tagetes, gazanias, geraniums…

If we feel more audacious, we can start to create vertical gardens or, if not, resort to the climbing species of all life, such as the vine, jasmine, bougainvillea, ivy … What, inevitably leads us to think in our enclosure, the wall that safeguards us from the outside and that may be well adorned with plants such as the oleander, the queen of the night, the myrtle, the broom-flower or the hibiscus, among many others.


Water – the protagonist

Water is an indispensable element in gardens. Beyond the pool in which we combat the rigors of the heat, having a fountain or a small pond, can give to our plot a very special touch.

As for the pools, the elevated ones have given way to those built flush at ground level and to the endless/infinity pools that end up merging until they blend in with the sky and the Mediterranean Sea, especially in elevated places.

Sometimes our plot does not have a too large surface, but despite of that we must not give up to our pool, which does not have to be planned for swimming, but in this case only to refresh and give an exclusive aesthetic touch to our garden.

At the time of reviewing materials, local limestone flooring or betting on natural wood slats, are some of the trends that are imposed, providing an organic contrast with the grass floor.

Depending on the distance between the pool and the house, we can give free rein to our creativity, marking a path flanked by aromatic plants (lavender, thyme, rosemary, santolina bushes …) which could end in another one of the elements that achieved a great prominence: the pergolas. New shaded areas in which we can mount a pedestal table and some of the Balinese sun loungers, and which shall start the way towards the solarium.

Nightly enjoyment

The enjoyment of the garden and, even, of the pool, is not a patrimony of the day, is also of the night. For this reason, it is very important to pay due attention to the nocturnal artificial lighting.The wide range of LED lights that can be found on the market, as well as solar lamps that provide a set of indirect lights can create an ideal atmosphere for those long summer nights in good company, highlighting parts of our house. An illumination, also, that is incorporated into the interior of the pool, to enjoy relaxing baths under the stars.

In short, with a little care, we can get that when leaving our house we enjoy a dream place overlooking the sea, integrated into the environment, to get the most out of it during the whole time of the year.