Kitchens have gained a greater prominence in our home in recent years. Each time there is more time spent in this area that, for a long time, was somehow neglected, even hidden, and to which now, on the other hand, a lot of attention is paid.

As for its disposition, the fear of the open kitchen concept has been lost and not only the American kitchen is extended, but the entire area is integrated with the rest of the house. The incorporation of the islands or peninsulas with high stools has had a lot to do with this, since they create the perfect setting for a glass of wine in that first contact with the home after a day of work. In other cases, it is an American bar that serves to distinguish two spaces – kitchen and living room – marking a perfect transition from one to another.


One of the most widespread trends is to integrate the home-appliances – already connected to the Internet – with the rest of the kitchen furniture. Where the fridge or dishwasher is, shall be the questions that we will ask ourselves more often when we first enter an unknown kitchen. Paneling of the home-appliances, is not only an aesthetic issue that brings some timelessness, but also hygienic, as the cleaning tasks are facilitated.

And continuing with this same sense of ‘camouflage’, the shooters are other of casualties. Many furniture lines are designing their products without handles, hiding them or, directly, integrating them in a way that more resemble to living room furniture than kitchen, providing more elegance and eliminating elements around which dirt accumulates. It’s enough just to touch them to open automatically.

The most avant-garde kitchens have even eliminated extractor hoods from the scene. The technology has advanced and it is now possible to embed them in the same ceiling or, even integrate them in the countertop, emerging as an underwater telescope. An authentic revolution.


Goodbye to white color

The colorful cabinets continue to find their space in the kitchen, often combining the minimalism of white with a darker shade or, even, fluorescent in the most daring cases.

Another of the upward trends in the decoration of the kitchens is the transparency, that is, cupboards or showcases/cabinets that show what they have inside, from crockery, to glassware – never cans of preserves or packages of muffins.

For the more adventurous, the combination of black in the kitchen cabinets and gold color in the handles is also triumphing, distilling a bold elegance. It is a step, however, that it is hard to give and that, perhaps, we can embrace progressively, reserving the gold at first only for the taps – copper has given way to gold – or the lighting elements.

Recover materials

On the other hand, the wood returns with its presence in this area, banishing the lacquered and that predominance of the white that for so many years has accompanied us. What does the kitchen contribute? Warmth, with touches of modernity that are able to combine veins and natural finishes or wood tinted with dark tones.

In this work of recovery of materials, marble, especially white and black, for countertops comes back with strength. Not only that, but the tiles are again a tough competitor for painting, covering the walls, and the hydraulic tiles reminiscent of the floors of the old kitchens, provide this vintage point that remains fashionable.

If we opt for painting, in which the colors are also giving a lot of play, we can not forget that this must be anti-mildew and have a waterproof finish. The plastic paints, in this sense, are a safe bet, as well as the vinyl wall-papers, so easy to place as after to clean out.

The range of possibilities is very wide and it is that, a room/area that has managed to return to be a meeting point of the home does not deserve less.