The success of a company is teamwork.  Blues Simon Group have always been convinced of this and since our beginning, more than ten years ago, we knew that without the team behind, it would be impossible to print the quality seal that comes with each of our works.

One can have the best materials, the best plots, the best rated suppliers, etc… and not achieve the intended excellence. To reach that target it is important to have a committed team, something that is not, precisely, a sprint, but rather a long distance race.

Therefore, it is a process, given that in order Blues Simon Group to build such exclusive spaces, it is a key condition to have previously made a good teamand, as in any work, the foundations are as important as the roof, pampering down to the smallest detail.

Attracting and retaining talent

Talent is the cornerstone of every good team, regardless the different departments of the organization. In this sense, it is important to know how to attract, retain it and increasing it.

On the first point is crucial to know in order to identify the needs of the company, this is, which areas are in need of the necessary talent to achieve the intended objectives. Having found the lack, we must seek a solution, either internally or externally.

Sometimes, a team member has the necessary attitudes and skills to perform new roles that are yet vacant, without the need to recruit new workers. In this way, through internal promotion, our employees are rewarded for their good work.

This type of actions are, among others, those that contribute to retain the existing talent in the team, transmitting the message to all the staff there are no glass ceilings, because as long as they grow, the organization will too.


Personalized training

Continuous training allows each worker to grow within the company is another premise of Blues Simon Group that has led us to not only expand the talent of the team, but to have a minimum turnover rate of personnel.

However, unlike other organizations, we have always been clear that ‘one size fits all’ is not our recipe. Instead, we are committed with personalized training, both for the office staff and for the workforce that, in total, are around fifty people.

Our personal development programs are designed according to the needs and objectives, workers advance in their own professional careers, fostering new skills and expanding their field of knowledge.

In this training chapter, not only per se training is contemplated, but also searching for inspiration, broadmindedness in, for example, international design fairs, decoration, architecture, etc… We have never been keen of navel-gazing, but on the contrary,to open ourselves up to know, participate and be part of the new trends in the sector.

The team as company value

From Blues Simon Group we choose to invest in people, since from our perspective there is not a better value. Ultimately, our vision is that the value of the company is what people are worth, in this team built over the yearsin which each of the pieces contributes to the excellence we are recognized in the market.

We like to think we would not be what we are, we would not do what we do, without all these people in whom it is necessary to revert the benefits, jointly creating a feeling of professional family rowing in the same direction. In short, we like to think that concepts such as “empowering the employee” or achieving their “engagement” (commitment) are practices we have been promoting in Blues Simon Group for more than ten years and therefore perceived by the market.