When it comes to decorating our house, definitely, the color does matter. So much so that there is a current – some even say, a science – named as ‘colour psychology’, which analyzes the effect of colour on human perception and behavior. So, it is an aspect to be taken very seriously when preparing our home.
To talk about color is not only to talk of painting the walls, but of the whole set of elements, functional or decorative, that make up the different rooms. The chromatic variety on nowadays furniture, lamps, doors, carpets, etc.., help us playing with colors and, with the emotions and moods they transmit:

  • White: The king of the house who, today more than ever, sees its reign threatened by the hordes of colors surrounding. In spite of this avalanche of new tonalities, the color continues presenting/displaying big advantages over other proposals. To start with, it is much brighter than other colors and helps to enlarge the spaces. However, we must know how to handle it right, because otherwise we will get very cold spaces that, can remind us of a clinic.
  • Black: Traditionally it has been a color little used for homes, but it is gaining more and more space. Bringing elegance but we must be very careful with its use, not abusing from it.
  • Grey: The parsley of all the sauces. Mix of black and white, this tone combines perfectly with almost all colors, transmitting stability, tranquility.
  • Blue: When we use it in clear tones, it is perfect for relaxation and harmony, to flood the space with calm and tranquility. If we choose darker shades, we will turn more towards sophistication with tints of elegance. It breaks with the belief that it is excessively cold and distant, especially when mixed with green or violet.
  • Green: The colour of nature, of the ecological, stimulates creativity and inspires, especially when combined with white, helping to stand out even more. However, it is necessary to choose the right tone if we do not want to feel we are in an operating room. The more yellow in detriment of blue, the wider the range of combinations we will have.
  • Red: The color of strong emotions, and all passions, that in a house leads us to joy when associated with intense and exciting action. Undoubtedly, one of the colors that used in small quantities can further accelerate the pulse. It amplifies the emotions of each room: thus, in the kitchen it will stimulate the appetite, while in the bedroom, the romance.
  • Yellow: This is another energetic color that, if we know how to balance it with other softer colors, can help create an atmosphere of confidence and positive energy. Especially for rooms with little natural light.


Trends in 2018

For the year we are starting, the world reference in colour, the Pantone Color Institute, has already published what they consider to be chromatic trends of the year. Metallic tones and pearlescent effects will be in the lead, discarding pastel colors; intense, vivid colors are preferred.

For experts of the Pantone Color Institute, the color of 2018 is the Ultra Violet (Pantone 18-3838) which, as it indicates, is a radically provocative and reflective purple tone, which communicates originality, ingenuity and visionary mentality that shows us the future.

This color symbolizes experimentation and nonconformity and, used in meditation spaces and other meeting spaces, stimulates the communities that congregate there and inspires a halo of connection.