Facing a reform at home is an important decision. To help you not get lost in the details, we offer a small Decalogue with some of the basic points you should not miss.

1. The plan project

We have to take into account what kind of reform we are facing. If the action that we are going to carry out does not require a large-scale building license, it is possible that an interior designer could make the project. However, if it is a major work, it will be necessary to hire the services of an Architect, who will ensure that the development of the reform has a good end.

2. Realism 3D

Fortunately, nowadays projects have little or nothing has to do with the projects of a few years ago. Thanks to the advances in information technology, architects and interior designers are already offering 3D simulations of what our house will look like, giving us a much clearer idea of the final result. Depending on the aesthetic, functional or even budgetary needs, the professional will offer you different alternatives, being able to visualize them instantly on the tablet or on the computer.

3. One or more professionals?

While there are defenders that different providers are used because, that way, they will compete among themselves to meet the deadlines, detractors of this vision consider that the ideal option is to find a company that can offer all services, from the design of the project to its execution, including the final phase of decoration. This will save us from having to handle different budgets, probably will lower the total of the project and, in addition, we will only have a single interlocutor if any problems may appear. In any case, it is always good to consult different budgets and, above all, ask for references of previous works.

4. Definition of the initial budget and deadlines.

When making budgets with professionals, it is important that they know how to meet our wishes with their aesthetic and functional advice. In that line, we could separate what will be the part corresponding to the work itself and, on the other hand, the interior design.

5. Construction calendar

Once the property has been studied and according to the project, the professionals will define the terms according to the complexity and the materials used. It is important that this calendar is as realistic as possible, since, although there may be unforeseen events, we do not want the work to be extended in time, nor that the pace of work is too fast to meet the deadlines involved in a decline in quality.

6. Planning

Times are important, especially if we are going to continue living in the house while it is being renovated. The ideal case is to reform it, for example, during the summer holidays, so that the family does not suffer from the discomforts of noise and dust and it is enough with a punctual visit to see the how the works are going. In case you cannot avoid leaving your house while the reform is taking place, it is crucial to determine in advance what rooms will the first started to make life as comfortable as possible.

7. Think for the long-term

To undertake a reform is not something to be taken lightly and, for this reason, it is important to think in the long term. It would be unwise to think only of current needs without foreseeing those that will come in the future. A good example of this would be, for example, not having enough built-in wardrobes if, at one time, the family grows. Aspects like this are important to keep them in mind.

8. Rooms uses

Although any good professional will advise you on this issue, when you propose your ideal home, the first thing you have to think about is the use you give to each of the rooms. In this sense, think about which ones you stay longer, which ones you prefer for living, because these will require, for example, much more luminosity.

9. Energy efficiency

Taking advantage of the fact that we do a comprehensive face-lift to our home, why not thinking about a medium/long-term? If we are going to partially or totally change some installations, we should take advantage of installing LED lighting, multiple flush toilets or faucets with aerators both in the kitchen and in bathrooms. Our pocket at the end of the month will thank us when we begin to enjoy our new home.

10. The post-reform

The same way it is important not to pay a percentage of the payment until the works have been completed – which forces compliance with the calendar – remember that it is also important not to pay the total amount until the possible deficiencies are fixed. In this way, it is important to check all the rooms to see they fit the project and that their execution has the quality compromised.