Integral Project of a Family Housing and Urbanization in Javea

Javea is a magnificent area in which reigns greenery and tranquility. On a plot of 3,200 m2, we are developing a comprehensive project (keys in hand), which includes the development and construction of a housing and also the urbanization around it.

For making reality both the housing and urbanization, actually we have carried out many tasks: development of plans, 3D, exterior design, interior design, landscaping plans, license management, Management and execution of works … all these involving the own staff of Blues Simon Group. In addition, this is the first project developed entirely by our own Department of Architecture and Interior Design.

Considering that the larger surface of the plot is almost flat and is surrounded by three streets with very little traffic, we have adapted the project to the needs of the Property. The result is a house on one level (which occupies 320 m2) with garage, American kitchen, next to the dining room and living room, 4 bedrooms with bathrooms and various terraces.

One of the premises of the Promoter was that the house to have just one level. He also requested that prevail curves and to have overhangs. Considering that a rectangular space offers much more likely to remodel, than a space of curved lines, we proposed the following: a modern house, with rectangular shades combined with pergolas and curved overhangs, which form a unitary and coherent element; nearly a wave, which discovers, with its movements, cubes that protrude from the facade.

The access is an essential element of the housing and, following the philosophy Feng Shui, it has a clean and spacious entrance with lush vegetation. Its straight path allows viewing from the first moment the front door of the house and part of the private area behind, thanks to large windows.

Additionally, we have designed certain areas taking into account the specific needs thereof. The pool is located behind the private area, relating to both the bedroom and the entrance hall, and the lounge area and dining room. The terrace with barbecue is just next to the kitchen, and is easily accessible from it. Moreover, around the main entrance, there are several gardens with gravel and natural grass.

The interior layout contemplates the separation of the bedroom area, the area of ​​the kitchen, living room and garage. All this is possible thanks to a reception hall very large, about 23m2, well-lit through the large windows that run from floor to ceiling.

Based on a SWOT analysis, we have studied the pros and cons points, of the relation environment-housing, to maximize opportunities and offset the weakness:

  • We have oriented the house to the south, opening it to the maximum in this direction.
  • We have located areas of the house of minor importance (garage, storage room and laundry) in the part of the plot that overlooks a street, 3m highest level 0.
  • The guest room is very close to the other bedrooms.
  • The master bedroom, highlights on the main facade of the house, with its own terrace and separated from any other area.
  • To increase privacy, pergolas and overhangs play a key role, generating shadows. On the West-side, however, where the sun is strongest, we have chosen to blind facades, or hollows, protected by overhangs.

The house disposes of the current best qualities in the market, with underfloor heating, air conditioning by ducts, windows with aluminum profile dark gray and  wooden Majorcan type shutters, that give a touch of color to the facade.

Professionalism, experience, confidence and passion, applied to every detail, give as result an excellent project.

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