Technical Solutions

Wood as an outdoor option

Wood is one of the materials that gives more beauty and comfort to a home. However, for many people it seems to be unique heritage …

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Reconsolidate the ground when cracks appear

When we detect cracks in our house, we must be on alert, especially when its character is structural. This type of fissures, usually appear on …

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How to deal with humidity by capillarity

One of the nightmares of those who live on the ground floor, especially in single-family homes, is humidity by capillarity. It is rainwater accumulated in …

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Break the patterns with windows

The glass in the houses has been gaining more weight in the construction, first paying attention to its insulation capacity and, later, playing with their …

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The revolution of natural Stone

Natural stone is gaining terrain in modern architecture. Slate, limestone, sandstone, marble or granite are some of the materials that stand out in a trend …

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The arrival of Construction 4.0

The construction does not escape the processes of digital transformation that is taking place in other sectors. After what has been the boom of Industry …

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Microcement – the classic that never goes out of fashion

Some believe that microcement has become fashionable recently, but the truth is that it has been with us for many years, providing us with one …

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Beat the heat

It’s taken long to arrive, but the heat is here to stay for a while.  The electricity bill is rising, how can we cool our …

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Cracks at home: don’t panic!

Finding a crack at home is always disturbing. Doubts arise: will it be serious? Will the structure be damaged? Fear turns up even when it comes …

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Not all windows are the same

Windows are one of the most important things in any rehabilitation project or in a new house. Since four years ago, there is an energy …

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