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Wood as an outdoor option

Wood is one of the materials that gives more beauty and comfort to a home. However, for many people it seems to be unique heritage …

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How to combine air quality and energy efficiency

Historically, more attention has been given to ventilation, for air quality reasons, than to maximize energy efficiency. For this, the people basically resorted to opening …

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Reconsolidate the ground when cracks appear

When we detect cracks in our house, we must be on alert, especially when its character is structural. This type of fissures, usually appear on …

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How to deal with humidity by capillarity

One of the nightmares of those who live on the ground floor, especially in single-family homes, is humidity by capillarity. It is rainwater accumulated in …

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Habitat Trends 2019-2020

The Observatory of Trends of the Habitat has recently presented its ‘Cuaderno de Tendencias del Habitat 2019-2020’, in which figures from the world of art, design, …

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Living in an unhealthy house

Europe is on its way to suburbanization and, what is even more worrisome, with an increasingly aging housing stock. One of six Europeans claims to …

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Feng Shui sneaks into architecture

Feng Shui is a millenarian Asian philosophical concept, a Chinese aesthetics system applied tointerior decoration. However, step by step has gradually consolidated with a big …

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Not all windows are the same

Windows are one of the most important things in any rehabilitation project or in a new house. Since four years ago, there is an energy …

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Five key questions about false ceilings

What are they? False ceiling also known as suspended or accessible ceilingis a constructive element installed at a lower distance from the original ceiling, reducing …

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Color does matter

When it comes to decorating our house, definitely, the color does matter. So much so that there is a current – some even say, a …

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